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Diversity Management

Diversity Management is

the active and creative examination of diverse differences and similarities and appreciation thereof as potential for an organization.

Diversity Management is

the development and promotion of a common identity for an organization.

Diversity Management is

imbedding the principle that diversity sets potentialities free in all business processes.

Diversity Management leverages

the differences of individuals and identity groups systematically as a strategic resource to solve complex problems.

To be able to manage diversity in a way that it is not considered as a disruption but as a resource to be used, is actually the new challenge for senior management (and their teams).
Differences between employees is nothing new, but activating and leveraging their complementary potentialities is.

The point made in the theory of diversity management is that differences should be recognized and used proactively, and the attempt not be made to level down differences by minimizing them. Only when differences have been accepted, can they be actively incorporated and taken advantage of.
To be different often meant to also have shortfalls. Diversity management as a new paradigm, however, means to see diversity as an opportunity. Employers promote pluralism, support the reduction of prejudice and stereotyping, and assist in building a network of connections across the organization. Management now faces the challenge of creating an environment where diversity can be applied and leveraged. This environment must allow diversity to thrive.

The variety of differences and similarities within an organization needs to be developed and its potential actively managed. This requires, that diversity as strategic potential is embedded in the consciousness of top management, senior managers, and employees. Part of a successful business strategy is to sensitize the organisation on this topic. The handling of diversity is established therefore as a valuable competence and skill.

Source: Lüthi / Oberpriller; Dr. Günther Vedder, University in Trier;

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