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Diversity Competence

Success factor Diversity   –  Diversity does not automatically mean success

An increasing number of organizations have begun the process of opening themselves to the concept of diversity. They can only profit from diversity, when their employees have acquired capacities and skills, so they are empowered to deal constructively with differences.

An essential component when developing diversity competence is the attitude towards being different. In any systematic development of Diversity Competence this aspect cannot be ignored. This is the foundation required to develop these learnable skills with long-term effect. Just learning about a culture and how to get along in a foreign culture may help to act in a politically correct way. However, this superficial understanding of diversity is not adequate in order to master the situations that will invariably come up.

For example, in the field of intercultural relations the question arises, whether workers embrace global interdependencies for the betterment of the organization based on a cosmopolitan view or whether they consider it as part of a forced globalization process and act accordingly in no more than a politically correct fashion.

DeT&S seminars begin by focussing on the attitudes of people. Working interactively, we learn, that taking on a diversity oriented attitude does not mean to give up one's own identity. We identify the capabilities and skills which are required in the successful application of diversity competence.
Strategic diversity management can be applied to a much greater degree when diversity competence is established.

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