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zielsicher DeT&S accompanies organisations in their development of diversity competence in preparation for a successful strategy of diversity management.

DeT&S seminars begin by focussing on the attitudes of people as part of the systematic development of competencies. On this basis knowledge and practical know-how are conveyed, new insights are gained, and new skills developed. This successful methodology establishes an orientation and confidence when dealing constructively with diversity.

Our seminars are based on a participative methodology. By alternating trainer inputs with self-reflection, exercises in groups, role-playing, the analysis of case studies and examples, participants are encouraged to be active. There are very few do’s and don’ts communicated up front.

Diversity covers a wide spectrum of topics, and we have chosen to specialize in the challenges of

  • intercultural interaction
  • clashes of differing points of view in team meetings

The goal: The participants in the seminars should be empowered to effectively work in an interdisciplinary manner and across cultural borders. They will be able to accurately perceive differences in thought and behavioural processes, to differentiate between behaviour patterns, and to communicate and act appropriate to a given situation.

This should be of interest to management at all levels.

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