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Mitra Detweiler Since 2002 I have been internationally active as a facilitator in seminars and trainer for various aspects of diversity. In addition, I enjoy lecturing on the topic at conferences and symposia.

Having grown up in a bi-cultural setting and dealing with differing points of view as a must and a privilege, I understand the challenges that arise when two worlds come together. In many aspects of life, I have had excellent experiences and come to realize and appreciate the advantages of this situation.

As a chemist with a PhD from the University of Hamburg, I worked for many years in the area of intellectual property protection for large corporations. I have extensive experience and knowledge in how to successfully apply all aspects of intercultural cooperation in companies operating on a global basis. It was in this context that I realized that the development of diversity competence is essential in executing projects that go beyond the borders of countries or even internal departments. Diversity is not a theoretical concept right off the drawing board, but thrives through practical experience.

I would like to share my knowledge and experience with you with regard to diversity, in order to assist in the introduction of the concept of diversity in your organization. I enjoy meeting people, interacting with them in seminars to systematically develop aspects of Diversity Competence and Diversity Management, and accompanying them further throughout the process.

As a matter of course, I continually stay up to date on the many facets of diversity by taking part in advanced training, conferences, symposia, and trade shows. Thus, I ensure that the content in my seminars is based on the latest social scientific research and practical experience on the topic of diversity from all over the world. This allows me the needed flexibility, in order to be responsive to individual themes when cooperating on a solution to the specific needs of your organization.
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Mitra Detweiler Personal Strengths

  • visionary and inspiring
  • authentic
  • well structured thinking
  • systematic approach
  • motivating
  • cheerful and humorous


In principle, I find it vital in a continually changing world to be open to new developments and to sincerely assess them in a spirit of learning.

I look forward to meeting you.

Dr. Mitra Detweiler


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