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January 2011
Is it not always a good feeling to have when you start the new year with good intentions and new goals? With these new plans we get involved in the start of a process of change. The confidence, that things will change for the better, helps us through the inevitable highs and lows within he process of change. We should not have any illusions here - experience has shown that a transformation is not achieved with ease. One needs courage, foresight, self-confidence, knowledge, a willingness to learn, patience, endurance and.....

......a lot more to maintain the initial momentum throughout the process of change. Many times the interaction between these factors is underestimated, and our plan fades into obscurity as we shrug it off as some kind of euphoric figment of our imagination.

It is in the nature of things, that we make mistakes every now and then, when we attempt to do something differently. In particular, this is an important aspect to pay attention to when developing competences and expertise. If we accept our mistakes, this does not mean that we should repeat those mistakes, but we recognize that something did not go so well and that we should consider, how to do it better the next time. This is how we learn from mistakes. A constructive process of change with defined goals is a learning process with many small steps.

An important aspect of processes of change is that we  practise  those new things  - such as desired changes in behavioural patterns  - but regularly  reflect  on what we have accomplished. This means that we must reassess our experiences throughout the process of transformation. This provides a firm ground from which to proceed  - no room for illusions here. And this is best done jointly in a group of like-minded people in an atmosphere of trust. Through these regular exchanges of experiences and joint evaluations with others, motivation and momentum are noticeably kept intact during the process of change.

I wish you much success in reaching your goals this year. Curiosity and willingness to learn can assist you on your way.


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