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QUIZ: Diversity valued or undervalued?

December 2013
How do you react to the following questions and statements? Do they promote or hinder the Diversity Process? Have fun with these. 1)A. *In our meetings new suggestions are welcome. It takes more time to deal with them, but we consider them as an enrichment. B. *These new ideas in our meetings just hold us up and sidetrack us. We have to make sure that we do not lose our focus and time. 2)A. *Do you go with friends/ colleagues… restaurants once in a while to try out new dishes, that you have never had?
B.  *I like what I eat. I do not need anything else.

3) A.  *I do not want to be confronted with foreign ideas and behaviour. They are not good for much and only make life difficult.
B.  *If I encounter an idea or behaviour that I do not understand immediately, I ask  about it in a friendly way in order to gain a common understanding. Often we find a good, new solution.

Have you discussed some of these issues in your organisation this past year?
Forward these questions on to your colleagues and exchange some views. You will be surprised, how good it makes you feel when doing so.



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